Friday, July 27, 2012

New Mourdock Ad Invokes Daniels

Richard Mourdock's new ad attempts to link Joe Donnelly to Barack Obama's policies and tries to cast him in the light of a big spender and a tax raiser.  One other thing that the ad tries to do is to link Mourdock to Governor Mitch Daniels.

This may seem odd to political junkies. You may remember that in the months leading up to the May Primary that one of the biggest supporters of Mourdock's opponent, Senator Richard Lugar, was Mitch Daniels. He cut two very effective ads for Senator Lugar. After the votes were counted, Daniels did stand on the same stage as Mourdock in a show of support and solidarity for the Indiana GOP, but it was clear that Daniels cast his lot with Lugar for the Senator's experience, clout, and knowledge. That, however, is only part of the story.

Last month, Governor Daniels accepted the job to be the next President of Purdue University.  As part of the process of becoming a non-political university president, Daniels unloaded his PAC's sizable warchest and pledged to not campaign in the upcoming election season except to defend his own administration's record.  Daniels was quoted in the Indianapolis Star as saying, "No campaigning...No commenting about anybody's campaign in the state, out of the state, anywhere at all. No fundraising. Nothing."

Now, his name shows up in a prominent ad for Mourdock.  Was this Mourdock going rogue and simply including Daniels' name in his ad?  Did Mitch Daniels approve the use of his name in the ad?  If he did approve his name being used in the ad, then is this a break of the promises he made against campaigning?  Finally, if he did not approve the use of his name, will he call out Richard Mourdock and ask him to withdraw the ad?

Many interesting questions to answer for both the Governor and Mr. Mourdock.

To be fair, Joe Donnelly also has a new ad out where he invokes the name of Richard Lugar.  Still, I think the Mourdock ad requires more explaining given that Daniels swore off politics.

Here's the Donnelly ad:


Anonymous said...

Daniels needs to ask that this ad be taken off the air or the Board of Trustees of Purdue need to revisit their decision.

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or does Mourdock always look like he has a hot corn cob stuck up his butt? The man looks like he is in pain all of the time.What a mean looking man, he just looks angry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, your observation is accurate. Perhaps more fiber in his diet might help.