Friday, July 6, 2012

May Now Exploiting Carson Education Comment Non-Troversy

After pledging to me that he was a different kind of candidate than other Republican nominees in the 7th District in the past, Carlos May has released a statement that would seem to do prove the opposite.

It's a lesson in exploiting a non-troversy.  So, what does Carlos think is so controversial about Carson's remarks?  He never says, and it's nice to know he's still working on his education plan.

What didn't he understand about what Carson said?  I thought Andre was pretty clear that a strong curriculum and a variety of innovative, good teaching methods equals good results in schools.

Carlos is a good guy.  He should have let this one go by.  Here's the statement:


wilson46201 said...

Give May a break! He's got virtually no campaign organization or funds. His rightwing supporters are going crazy with another "CARSON IS A MUSLIM" Breitbart frenzy. Carlos is just desperately trying to grab some attention and free media from the sidelines...

Anonymous said...

Carlos May has nothing to offer and no proposals. His only hope is to distort and inflame phony issues.