Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Time for a Change

Rep. Pat Bauer
(D-South Bend)
There's been a lot of political speculation over the future of B. Patrick Bauer's tenure as the leader of the Indiana House Democratic Caucus this past week.  It's been the subject of blog posts and news reports.  For now, he remains, but it's clear that his grasp on the leadership role is loosening.

Bauer is an old school politician for sure.  He can give a fiery stump speech and hurl political attacks with the best of them.  We've also seen he can vote to put discrimination into the Indiana Constitution.  I know he's a hero to many union members, but, after that vote, I can't support him as the leader of our caucus.

It's time for a change and for some new ideas. The question is: where do you go from here? The Indiana Democratic Party is in such a weakened condition statewide that the Indiana House and the Indiana Senate are both getting out of reach. The failure to maintain the majority in 2010 and the expansion of that majority in 2012 has given the Republicans 60 seats. Old school political tactics aren't going to take them back. Democrats need new leadership from within the caucus.

That caucus will look different from an experience perspective in January. Longtime Representatives like Bill Crawford and John Day, who have served with distinction, will be on the sidelines. Big thinkers like Mary Ann Sullivan will hopefully be in the Senate. Then there's Scott Reske trying to work his way into Congress. Those changes are just in and around Marion County. With even more changes around the state, it only makes sense to change the leadership role.

Pat Bauer has run his course. He needs to step aside or be moved aside for someone else. Bauer has served his caucus and Indiana pretty well, but now it's time for someone else to lead and start to build the party again. It's going to be tough, but new tactics will be a welcome sign of change.


Anonymous said...

When he was speaker he did his best to block a vote on the constitutional amendment banning recognition of same-sex marriage, civil unions, etc. Then in 2011 he voted for it. Wonder what he'll do when it comes up again in 2013. Be a real Democrat I hope, but doubt.

Anonymous said...

He needs to do what Lugar did not. He needs to just let it go.The political world passed him by. The old school bully pulper style no longer plays well here in Indiana.

They really need to get rid of Dan Parker. He is about as exciting as a door knobHis counter part is full of excitement and energy. I don't see a super star in the party right now. Mary Ann could be one if she can win that race.

There is also a local CCC member that has real potential to be a star in the party