Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Not Personal, Rep. Bauer

Rep. B. Patrick Bauer
Pat Bauer says that he's not stepping down continuing the real potential for a nasty civil war between Indiana House Democrats.

House Dems met yesterday in Lafayette to test the water for a leadership change.  It's unclear as to whether anything in Lafayette would be official or not.  That said, while the other Dems were in Lafayette, Bauer was singing like a canary.

Bauer went public with his side of the story yesterday, and, in an article by Mary Beth Schneider in yesterday's Indianapolis Star.  In the article, Schneider writes that Bauer believes that, in addition to his leadership of the party, that much of the reason he's lost control of his caucus is because he's too old or too short or doesn't have enough hair.  REALLY?

For me, this has nothing to do with personal things like that. For me, it comes down to leadership, and Bauer is leading Democrats in the wrong direction in this state. His vote for House Joint Resolution 6 which would write marriage discrimination into the Indiana Constitution is just one example. While his much-publicized and applauded walkouts succeeded in holding up bad legislation, in the end, the Republicans got exactly what they wanted. Then, Democrats got shafted in the redistricting process. Under Bauer, the Democrats have gone from in control to out of control and now way out of control.

Rather than learning from his mistakes or changing his tactics, Bauer's relying on his hard line playbook and is doing everything he can do to try to stay in power. Bauer's not too old or too short, but he's too out of touch.

Some out there in D land are saying to let sleeping dogs lie on this one and don't worry about replacing Bauer until after the election, but, I say it's best to do it whenever it can be done because it will hasten the healing process.

Timing for this change is not perfect, but, with all due respect Rep. Bauer, as I said last week, it's time to step down as the leader of the Democrats in the House and let someone else have a chance.

Pat Bauer has been deposed.  Linda Lawson takes over as caucus leader until January.  See post.


Anonymous said...

Under Bauer or under Dan Parker?

Anonymous said...

under Bauer or under Dan Parker?

Anonymous said...

Now we need to depose Dan Parker. He can't win an election.