Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gregg On Message As He Enters Campaign Primetime

Democratic Nominee John Gregg
Talks to Decatur Township Democrats
John Gregg was back in Marion County on Monday night talking strategy with the Decatur Township Democratic Club as he tries to find a way to win in November.

Fresh off a press conference where he took the Daniels Administration to task over cuts to the Department of Childhood Services budget, Gregg was in a positive mood talking to a full room of supporters about his chances.  "We are going to win," said Gregg.

Gregg said he believes his campaign will win in Marion and Lake Counties.  He also said that the campaign was targeting Southern Indiana Democrats.  "They are down from where I'm from.  I call them backslidin' Democrats," said Gregg.  He said that those are the kinds of Democrats that were Reagan Democrats in the 1980's.  The final group, Gregg called "Lugar Republicans".

He said that the numbers show that Lugar Republicans live largely in urban areas and do not subscribe to some of the more ideological rhetoric put out there by others.  He said that these folks believe in bipartisanship and getting things done.

Gregg's other message of the evening was about jobs.  He talked about putting Hoosiers to work making goods and services that can be used and consumed right here in the Hoosier State.  He talked about Indiana's manufacturing base and putting Hoosiers back to work with good paying jobs.  Gregg also mentioned farming and the life sciences as key.

Now, the next step for Gregg is filling in some details and getting that message to the airwaves.  I think he's the right candidate at the right time for this election, but the next step is going to be combatting Mike Pence on a number of battlefields where he won't be the best equipped candidate financially.  If Gregg can make up some ground there, he can do some damage in November with this strong message of "From Indiana. For Indiana".

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Anonymous said...

I think Gregg can hit a homerun with the DCS issue. A total failure of Daniels and the GOP which has resulted in the deaths of several young lives. Hit that issue hard.