Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garrison Continues Unfair Carson Attacks

Congressman Andre Carson
The Right Wing Extreme Express otherwise known as the Garrison Program on WIBC continues. Today’s stop…Congressman André Carson.

This morning, Greg Garrison spent about a half an hour tying Congressman Carson to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law with some presumably far right wing think tank person whose name I can't recall at this juncture. Of course, this was all based on a 90 second quote on education that most in the mainstream media (not on Fox News) have reported was lifted completely out of context by The Congressman is the latest Democrat to get “Breitbarted”.

I sure am glad that I’m not judged on 90 seconds of what I say.

Here’s what I don’t get. If Congressman Carson is such a supporter of Sharia Law, then where is he on the record touting his support of it? Surely there must be some audio somewhere (there isn't).

Secondly, if Congressman Carson supports Sharia Law, then why is he my friend? Why is he a member of the LGBT Equality Caucus? If he supported Sharia Law, that wouldn't be possible.  Sharia Law views homosexuality as a sin and a crime under Islamic Law.

Finally, last time I checked, Congressman Carson has a strong wife behind him with her own career and her own opinions. Congressman Carson has a good relationship with the Jewish community here in Indianapolis, and he even visited Israel and had an audience with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  We all know how Sharia Law followers feel about Jewish folks and how the deplorable way they treat women.

I challenge Mr. Garrison to look deeper and to stop spreading these vicious lies about Congressman Carson. There is simply no evidence anywhere that the Congressman supports or ever has supported the Muslim Brotherhood or Sharia Law. I have asked the Congressman directly in the past if he supports Sharia Law, and I think his response was an incredulous, “Come on Easter!”

Unfortunately, it seems beyond Garrison’s ability to understand that someone can be a Muslim and not allow that faith to control every last bit of his or her life. It appears that Garrison also can’t separate out that not all Muslims believe in Sharia or identify with the more radical side of the religion. Christians are able to do that. I mean, there are radical Christians, and I’m starting to believe Mr. Garrison might be one. Everything seems to be a holy war sometimes on his mis and dis-information hour.

Yeah, Greg Garrison is all about God and country on his show. I wonder if he believes and adheres to everything that is in the Bible? That Old Testament is pretty brutal. I know one thing that Garrison apparently doesn’t abide by that’s in the Good Book, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”


patriot paul said...

You might want to view this news documentary of how Muslim schools in Britain 'teach' beating them.

Jon Easter said...

Patriot Paul,
Did Congressman Carson mention that in his remarks? No. Would he condone beating students? No. Would that ever fly in any way in the U.S.? No.