Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Hodge Podge: First Lady Visits; Obama Counterattacks; Mayfield's Ad

First Lady Michelle Obama

On Sunday, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, will be in Indianapolis to raise some money at a reception.  Guests are asked to show up at 4:00 p.m.  You must register as well through the campaign's website.  The event is at Lucas Oil Stadium.

This visit shows that the Obama campaign is still keeping Indiana on the radar screen.  President Obama has been to Indiana a handful of times since he became President, and Joe Biden has, too.  If the President can force Romney to spend some cash in Indiana, that is less cash he has to spend elsewhere.

We'll see what happens.

Obama Counterattack

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has counterattacked the Mitt Romney campaign's distortion of his comments in Virginia last weekend on small businesses.  This is just a web ad, but I think it's spot on.

Are we sure she's a Republican?

State Representative candidate Peggy Mayfield already has ads up for her state representative race in House District 60.  She's running against longtime incumbent, Democrat Peggy Welch.  The new 60th District runs all the way from Lake Monroe up to Mooresville only clipping the Eastside of Bloomington and including the entire city of Martinsville.

The old House District 60 just essentially horseshoed around Bloomington. The new district will be incredibly tough to hold.

You can see how the district has changed by looking at Mayfield's ad. You can literally check off the GOP/Tea Party talking points.

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Anonymous said...

Saw her commercial in Carmel.. really? Who is her media team, they just wasted $$$$$$.