Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disturbing Package Sent to May Fundraiser

Carlos May
Last week, Andre Carson was the victim of some stupidity over some extreme-ly not controversial comments on education.  This week, it looks like his opponent, Carlos May, is the recipient in a different way.

Some sophomoric jerk, at best, apparently thought it would be funny to send Carlos a bouquet of dead flowers to one of his recent fundraisers.  At worst, it could be something more sinister.  Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana has the story.  It's easy to make the claim, as Welsh did, that someone is "trying to send" May some sort of message. It appears now that IMPD is on the case.

Actions such as these are just not tolerable in my view. People need to have some perspective here. You have two individuals who have decided to put their lives on hold for a few months to campaign and compete to represent us in Congress. That action deserves our respect. It's things like this that keep people (like me) from running for office.

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