Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bauer Out

Rep. Linda Lawson
Indiana House Democrats have given the old heave ho to their leader, Representative Pat Bauer, and have replaced him with Hammond Democrat Linda Lawson, the House Democrats' Floor Leader.

Here is the release from the Indiana House Democrats:

Indiana House Democrats Elect New Leadership 
For immediate release: 
July 26, 2012 
INDIANAPOLIS - Members of the Indiana House Democratic Caucus met today in Lafayette to address leadership issues within the party. The caucus ended with a vote to appoint Linda Lawson (D-Hammond) as the new leader of the House Democrats, replacing B. Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend). Bauer has held the leadership position since 2002. 
“The majority of our members have spoken,” said Lawson, who has served as floor leader for the past two years. “We met, discussed, and decided to take steps to move our party forward, including making a change in our leadership. After serving Indiana House District 1 since 1998, I’m honored to be placed in this position at such a critical time for our party.”
Lawson is a 24-year veteran of the Hammond Police Department, becoming the first female captain to serve the department after working as a patrol officer and a member of the sex crimes and domestic violence divisions. The knowledge and experience she gained in those capacities has helped influence much of the legislation she has championed. Lawson currently serves on several committees of the Indiana House of Representatives, including: Statutory Committee on Ethics, Select Committee on Government Reduction, and Public Policy. 
Lawson attended Indiana University, and is very active in her hometown community of Hammond. She serves on numerous boards and committees in Lake County, including the Woman’s Bureau, the Humane Society, the Historical Society, and the Boys & Girls Club, to name a few. 
“Pat has done many positive things over the course of his leadership term, doing a great job of securing funding for schools and leading efforts to assist many of the underprivileged and underserved around the state,” said Lawson. “I don’t want to take anything away from his successes, but when the members of our caucus look for leadership, they have decided to go in a different, more positive direction.”

Pat Bauer also released a statement congratulating Lawson and praising her leadership abilities.   More from the Indianapolis Star, here.

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