Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ballard Speaks Loudly with Refusal to Sign Resolution

Mayor Greg Ballard
A few weeks ago, the City-County Council voted 15-12 to pass an official resolution that simply "encourages the rights of janitors to a livable wage, health insurance, job security, safe working conditions, and a union contract.” Well, the time for action has passed, and Greg Ballard refused to sign the resolution.

As Jon Murray reported in his Monday Deep Fried Politics blog entry, this may or may not constitute a veto of the resolution. Ballard's camp did not provide any reason for a veto of the resolution, and that's something Murray called "unusual." The effect, as Ballard's Office, pointed out is the same as a veto.

The difference here is striking. The Democrats on the City-County Council have chosen to stand with janitors. The Mayor has chosen to stand in opposition. I guess that doesn't surprise me.


Anonymous said...

"....and a union contract."

Are you sure it didn't say "...and a way to funnel money to the Democrat party." ?

steviray said...

So being represented by a "collective agreement" means you HAVE to give your money to the Democratic ALL members of profesional sports MUST BE democrats. I hope Andrew Luck pays his share.

steviray said...

It's great when people write stupid remarks in public.....then remain "Anonymous"