Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ballard Dumps Freedom to Work, Redistricting Proposals

The City-County Council passed the Freedom to Work proposal on Monday by a party-line vote, but they passed a redistricting funding plan by a bi-partisan vote.

It didn't matter.  Greg Ballard just overwrote the will of the people again with his veto of both proposals.

Ballard is becoming quite adept at using his mayoral veto, which is within his powers under Indiana Code.  It's unlikely that the Democrats on the Council will be able to overturn the veto...which takes 20 of the 29 votes.

I'm sorry for the folks that worked so hard to get that Freedom to Work Proposal passed.  Thanks to Mayor Ballard, economic opportunities for hotel workers to pick up jobs at other hotels will be curtailed.

I'm also sorry for the public, who had little input into the redistricting proposal rushed through in the Republican majority's lame duck time on the City-County Council last year.

Just another day in the life of Mayor Veto.

City-County Council President, Maggie Lewis, doesn't sound pleased.  I think the campfires and kumbaya atmosphere touted by the Indianapolis Star a few weeks ago is over.  Here is her statement.

To say that we are disappointed in the Mayors decision to veto Proposal 179 and Proposal 273 which directly impact the well-being of Indianapolis residents is an understatement.

Proposal 179 clears the path for hotel workers in our community to earn a livable wage by eliminating obstacles placed before them while seeking dual employment within their chosen industry. To veto this proposal is reprehensible and communicates an intent of keeping this segment of our community at a lowered income level. This failure to allow individuals the opportunity to provide for their families by earning a livable income in today's economy is an embarrassment.

Deeply as disturbing is the decision to veto Proposal 273. This Proposal included money owed to the Council for redistricting. We are obligated by law to execute a redistricting plan. His actions communicate that the Mayor will stop at nothing to derail the efforts of the Council to pursue a bi-partisan working environment. But I will continue to fight for those who do not have a voice.

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone expect anything different from Ballard. I hope the D.s that voted for him will think next time.