Friday, July 6, 2012

Anti-Carson Rhetoric Simply Hateful

The Honorable Congressman
Andre Carson
Someone I know retweeted a blog post from a website called "MoFo Politics" regarding Congressman Andre Carson's idea that United States public schools could benefit from secular and well-established teaching methods used in madrassas (and other public, religious, and private schools).

I clicked on the blog post, and I was horrified.  The post included a clip with the following introduction.

If America was still America, 5 guys in black with night vision goggles would make sure Andre Carson woke up in a cell in Guantanamo Bay next to his colleague Khalid Sheikh Mohammed…
Whenever I get hope about the future of our nation and our society, I read excrement like that statement, and it makes me wonder where we are and where we are going.  With rhetoric like this, I wonder if there's any hope to bridge the gaps between left and right.  If America was still America, one wouldn't right this crap on a blog.

Personally, I think it just highlights how difficult it is in America to say anything honest or to be a leader who happens to be Muslim.

I get that we have disagreements with each other, but it's one thing to disagree and completely another to say that a sitting member of Congress is a terrorist.


artfuggins said...

Jon, let's look at the silver lining. Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech and it is obviously working when a hate filled, ignorant bigot can write something like this.

Jon said...

You may want to look at Jonathan Turley's blog to see how others view Rep. Carson.

patriot paul said...

Your concern may be justified but somewhat misplaced. I hold elected representatives to a higher standard, so where is your concern about the hate rhetoric from Carson regarding the tea party he claims wanting to see blacks hanging from a tree, or his other insults such as claiming the 'n' word was used by the tea party as he crossed their path, though countless videos show it never happened, and a $100,000.00 award still goes untaken. His latest rhetoric says:
"American will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrasses, in our schools where innovation is encouraged, WHERE THE FOUNDATION IS THE KORAN, and that model that we are pushing in our schools meets the multiple needs of students."
So there you have it. America will NEVER tap into ingenuity without the Islamic foundation of the KORAN. Seems to me America has done pretty well despite our faults. Carson has his agenda and it's reflected in demeaning others. Apparently Harvard, Yale, etc. which were founded on religious & moral authority from the Bible, are totally inadequate and our foundation replaced by Islamic religious training from the Koran. What a shame to demean American 'innovation' & 'ingenuity'. I'd like to see a more even-handed approach on your post.