Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ajabu Appears Out of Gas

Rev. Mmoja Ajabu
Reverend Mmoja Ajabu has been ruled out of the race for 7th District Congress by Marion County Voter Registration, according to WTLC's Amos Brown.

Brown says that Ajabu failed to get the number of signatures needed to appear on the ballot.

On Facebook, Ajabu has a different tone.  He insists that he's still in the race and that he has enough signatures.  After a long Facebook exchange over this report and many other topics, I said that it sounded like his car had blown its engine and was missing a tire in the race for Congress.

This is his response:
"Wrong analysis. Sounds like the Marion County Voters Registration is trying to make the car look broken. The car is good. And it will run in the race and win!! YOU READY?? Stay tuned. The best is yet to come!!...Buckle up!! It is going to be a rough ride. We are going to win with the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you can't stand the truth then get out the way!"
He also accused Brown, former City-County Council candidate Annette Johnson and me of being apologists.  For what???  I don't know.  It appears he thinks that there's some corruption in government keeping him out of the race.

Even if he were in the race against Andre Carson and Carlos May, I would say that his chances of winning are the same chances as a snowball's chance of surviving in Hell, but I think the snowball might actually have a better opportunity.


Paul K. Ogden said...

It is easy to be dismissive of Ajabu. But there is a much bigger issue out there. The Marion County Board of Voter Registration regularly rejects a very high percentage of signatures submitted to the Board on these types of Petitions. The acceptance rate in Marion County is about 38%, while in most counties it is well over 80%. Ajabu is not the only person who got a lot of signatures thrown out that cost him a position. So did Jim Wallace. He had like 1300 names and they rejected more than 800. Santorum also almost got bumped from the ballot. With respect to Wallace and Santorum there were politically connected attorneys who asked that signatures be thrown out and the candidate be disqualified. (There might have been for Ajabu too.) And the Board here complied, tossing out, for example, all the names on a page, because one signature looked fraudulent.

There is a big story yet to be written about the Marion County Board of Voter Registration is abusing its ministerial authority to try to disqualify unpreferred candidates.

Jon Easter said...

I am familiar with people that knew the Wallace situation intimately. You are gravely oversimplifying the situation on that case, from what I know.

On the Ajabu situation, I can't speak to your accusations. I just hear through the grapevine that his petition was not in order.

If you believe there is a big problem, I suggest you file a lawsuit on behalf of Rev. Ajabu and Jim Wallace and let the courts decide.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Jon, I would think you'd be a lot more concerned about what's going on in the Marion County Board of Voter Registration. The fact is Marion County approves about 38% of these signatures, while other counties are over 80%. That's a smoking gun if there ever was one.

Ajabu turned in 4700. They approved 1300. Wallace needed 500 and turned in about 1380...and they methodically knocked his number down lower than 500 to disqualify him.

It takes money to do lawsuits, which a lot of people don't have. I don't agree that's the only avenue for dealing with corrupt public officials. You know as well as I do the lengths to which Ed Treacy and Kyle Walker will go to disqualify or disadvantage unpreferred candidates. Ed Treacy took literature away from an unslated candidate in direct violation of a federal injunction against the enforcement of the unconstitutional anti-slate law. It's clear these people think they're above the law.