Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roberts, Court Ruling Leaves Romney Gasping

Chief Justice John Roberts
With Chief Justice John Roberts joining Justices Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court found that the Affordable Care Act was constitutional today in Washington.

Immediately, Republicans began to frame the political argument as Democrats and President Obama tried to do the same thing.  Both sides are scrambling.  What remains clear is that the biggest accomplishment of the President's domestic agenda survives to fight another day.

Mitt Romney has little or not credibility to fight on this.  When he was Governor of Massachusetts, he authored a similar state health care plan that was the model for the Affordable Care Act.  If President Obama "raised taxes" to give us comprehensive health care reform, then Governor Romney did the same thing in Massachusetts.

I don't know what the right pivot is here for Romney, but the green light is on for the President.  It's time for full speed ahead.  Romney has had a very bad week, thanks to the black robes on the nation's highest court. With their decision striking down quite a bit of Arizona's immigration law on Monday to this now, Romney has been left gasping for air and grasping for responses.

This is behind us.  Let's get moving.


Paul K. Ogden said...

The SCT by a 7-2 decision struck down a major part of Obamacare, the mandate that states expand their Medicaid programs or lose all Medicaid funding. The part that was upheld was the individual mandate, as being permissable under the fed gov't's taxing authority.

Anonymous said...

As I stated in the other post, this will bring about national healthcare. Companies will dump offering healthcare, as it will likely be cheaper to pay some federal "penalty" (or tax). People will pay the cheaper tax, and not get healthcare. Tens of millions will end up on Medicaid, which will bring about the need for single payer. 50% income taxes, similar to Canada, but maybe even worse given that I hear Canada is a healthier country.

This is why folks are grasping. If government healthcare was so great, tens of millions would have moved to Massachusetts. Folks didn't, so clearly it isn't all that.

End of the country as we know it is coming. Quality of life in terms of disposable spending will come to an end. Get ready for a huge tax increase for all, especially anyone making over $40K/year (or say $80K/year combined income).

Anonymous said...

Many will choose to pay the tax and use the ER for health problems as it will be cheaper than the premiums. There is no real punishment for refusing to pay the tax for those who don't get refunds. They can simply pay their taxes minus the healthcare tax. The lack of access due to the massive increase of people on plans will force people to the ER's when they can't find a primary provider or can't get seen soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Ask your Congressmen about specifics of Obamacare and all they can give you is talking points because they still don't know what all is in this bill that they didn't read. As more and more of it comes into the light people will hate it more and more.