Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pence Attempting Pivot to Center: Don't Buy It

Rep. Mike Pence
The Indiana Republican Convention is this weekend, and Mike Pence is FINALLY expected to drop some policy initiatives.  According to what his campaign is telling media folks, the top planks will be "jobs and education."

It sure would be good to know where Pence stands these days.  As he tries to pivot away from the more divisive social issues that he has championed for many years, it's important to remind Hoosiers about the man that considers himself "Christian, conservative, and Republican, in that order."

This week, John Gregg has launched an offensive on Pence's social issue positions.  Yesterday, he held a news conference outside Planned Parenthood and highlighted Pence's past support of defunding the organization.  Gregg is an anti-choice Democrat, but he understands that the vast majority of Planned Parenthood's services aren't about abortions.  Pence is so extreme that he would defund an organization that provides so many services to women over one issue.

There's also a new website called "The Pence Plan" detailing Pence's more radical and extreme views.  Pence's views on women's health are detailed here.

Pence is trying to change his stripes, for sure, but they will always be there.  He's a staunch supporter of DOMA.  He doesn't believe in evolution calling the origin of species "an open question."  He's a member of the Tea Party caucus.  He's been a U.S. House Republican caucus leader, too.

So, when Mike Pence tries to tell you it's all about jobs and education this summer, don't buy in.


Anonymous said...

Both Pence and Mourdock got elected by the party right wing faithful. IN their campaigns they threw away the moderate Republican base. Interesting that they could not care less about those of us in the middle in the Primary, now all of a sudden they are trying to make us think they have moved to the middle.

They take us as idiots.

Pence may have an easy time because of $$$,but Mourdock can be beat. If he continues to allow his spokes people to spew racist rants his campaign will implode. Even the ultra hard right whack jobs will none condone the hate speech from the Mourdock campaign people.

In a recent FB post, Mourdocks main spokesperson called Abdul "boy". IN another fB post a voter was referred to as bunchy, and in yet another FB post, the leader prayed to read Lugars obituary.

If this is the Republican party of the future, I want no part of it

Anonymous said...

Gregg better start coming out with some well designed policy platforms addressing real problems because these attacks alone will not win an election.

Anonymous said...

I find this "open question" attitude on evolution/origins more than a little unbelievable. I do remember from a previous campaign year that some candidates who were conservative-right-religious had decided that the end justified the means -- they would, as a tactic, lie to the electorate about their beliefs in order to appear more moderate than they were, therefore helping their chances of being elected. I have not forgotten this item and so I won't believe this statement. (as if it mattered, I'm have other reasons for not voting for him anyway).