Tuesday, June 12, 2012

McQuillen Fundraiser Costs Top Dollar for What?

City-County Councillor Mike McQuillen will be feted at a top level fundraising reception on Flag Day in his own home.  One of the hosts is Citizens CEO, Carey Lykins.  Interesting, don't you think?

Certainly it's Lykins' right as a private citizen to support anyone he wishes with a big check.  He can afford it, but McQuillen was one of the Councillors that voted in favor of Mayor Greg Ballard's water transfer deal.

The second question that I ponder here is what is a City-County Councillor who won't see a reelection campaign for three more years doing receiving a (top price of) $1,000 fundraiser in the 2012 election cycle?  Forrest Lucas is also listed as one of the sponsors.

Maybe McQuillen is stockpiling cash for a run at Mayor of Indianapolis in 2015 or something before that in 2014?   Only McQuillen probably knows.  It just seems like a strange time, in the midst of this 2012 campaign, to be hosting such a big fundraiser.  I'm sure Carlos May and other local Republicans on the ballot in 2012 fighting for cash are just thrilled to see someone not even in this cycle siphon it off.


Paul K. Ogden said...

McQuillen has been one of the biggest proponents of corporate welfare, at the expense of taxpayers, on the Council. He's now cashing in.

Jack Burton said...

Perhaps he is simply getting his reelection campaign some financial padding so that he can focus on more pressing things than fundraising during 2015. Welcome to Politics 101, people. This post seems to be nothing more than a highly partisan blogger bashing a Republican for something that is completely normal for any elected official to be doing. If you have such an issue with obsessive fundraising, how about we discuss Obama's seemingly endless cycle of fundraisers since he came into office. I'm an independent, and moronic posts like this do nothing to help sway my vote, and only poison my view of any party who would embrace such posts.

Anonymous said...

Just raising money for himself using the Democrats same sex and hotel union proposals to fire up donors.

Suspect the Mayor and many others are doing the same.

He will veto these if it ever passes the council.

Democrats have been used.