Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Really Not That Deep Folks

Today, the new smoking ordinance went into effect, and the opponents of the ordinance are upset.

It's something I can understand.  When you don't get what you want, you have every right to be upset.  This, however, is a time that you can get mad at the ballot box, the picket line, the legal office...whatever.

Unfortunately, some of those opponents appear to be taking things a little too seriously.  On Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's Facebook page, one commenter decided it would be cool to leave the comment "target practice" in reference to a picture Abdul posted of City-County Councillors and Smoke Free Indy officials lauding the new ordinance on Monument Circle.

What a sad political climate we live in.  I believe that the smoking ban was the right thing to do for this city, and a bi-partisan group of City-County Councillors and Mayor Ballard agree.  I respect that there are some upset people out there, but there's no room for these kinds of threats...even if they might be meant as a joke.

Commenter Paul NonPoet responded to me on Abdul's Facebook:
"I did not say with what I was targeting Jon. Urine or vomit are more than appropriate for such dispicable animals..."

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Society of Socrates said...

Smoke them if you got them. Uni-gov needed updated..too many exceptions on social polices.