Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is Carlos May Running Marvin Scott-like Campaign?

I was on my normal run through my Facebook news feed before bed just a few minutes ago, and this exchange stood out.

A couple of things here...

First of all, Congressman Carson is reaching across the aisle to known Republicans who have helped engineer campaigns against him.  That's not something that usually happens.  You can see the responses.  They are interested only in slapping his hand back.  But, secondly, Carlos May simply thanks Bob Croddy for his support, and he doesn't dispute Croddy's description of Carson.

Apparently, I have misjudged Carlos May.  I suppose we can expect the same kind of campaign from him as Marvin Scott ran in 2010.  Well, that's good.  One thing we've seen form the numbers.  This kind of campaign doesn't work in the 7th.


Wilson46201 said...

Poor Bob Croddy is one of those lost souls floating around in the miasma of Indianapolis t/GOP gutterball politics. He tried to run himself for Congress but was decisively rejected. Since then he's hung around the periphery of other t/GOP candidates volunteering his enthusiastic support while making a spectacle of his chosen candidate by his extremism. Carlos May will likely be professional enough to keep Croddy at some distance from his campaign -- the May campaign has enough high hurdles to overcome without also being burdened by the likes of a Bob Croddy...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mentions in your last few posts. I would like to make one comment. If I spent time accepting/refuting/discussing/contemplating/analyzing every statement from every person who comments about me or to me in regards to my opponent I would have time to do nothing else. I believe you have misjudged me because you are attributing other people's thoughts as mine (even Bob says that in the updated conversation thread which you did not post). When you hear it from my mouth or typed from my hands then you can judge me on the merits. You will not see, so you should not expect, the same campaign as Marvin.


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