Thursday, June 21, 2012

House District 97 Race Features Two Young Future Stars

Justin Moed
For the last few years, Indiana House District 97 has been ably represented by Mary Ann Sullivan, but she's stepping aside to move hopefully to the Indiana Senate in January.  That leaves two dynamic and energetic men fighting it out for the right to represent the district in the Indiana House.

For the Democrats, Justin Moed has been an Energizer Bunny of sorts pounding the pavement of his district, knocking doors, and making waves.  I love the campaign he's running.  He's posting a travelogue of sorts almost nightly on his campaign Facebook page.  Random pictures from interesting parts of the district and pictures of constituents dot the photo albums.  On the Republican side, it's A.J. Feeney-Ruiz that's battling for the seat. Everything I just wrote about Justin Moed could be said about Feeney-Ruiz as well.  Both Moed and Feeney-Ruiz have backgrounds in government. Moed has worked in the Indiana House of Representatives and Feeney-Ruiz worked for Secretaries of State Todd Rokita and Charlie White.
A.J. Feeney-Ruiz

It's retail politics at its best. This kind of attention for a district that is very diverse socioeconomically, demographically, and in many other ways is excellent. Chances are, if you live in the district, you're going to be meeting your next state representative. Conversely, the candidates will know the district they serve because they've been covering it.

This is the way it should be. Two energetic candidates focused on service and not resorting to calling each other names or resorting to nasty tactics.

That, of course, could change. It's still early, and this is going to be a close race. Of course, I'm rooting for Moed. This is the Indy Democrat blog, after all. Sorry A.J.


kris said...

haven't seen either at my house yet. last time i checked moed didn't even have a website up. haven't received mailings from either. let you know when any of this changes.

AJ Feeney-Ruiz said...

No offense taken! Thanks for the kind words Jon!

Jon Easter said...

I spoke with Justin about that a time back. When we spoke, he said that he's using Facebook more as his campaign site.

A.J. obviously has a different campaign plan.

Next time I see Justin, I'll ask him about the progress on his website.

AJ Feeney-Ruiz said...

We're pretty much everywhere on social media at this point. Even Pinterest...yes...Pinterest. You can check pretty much every nook of the internet we live on at our website

kris said...

oh. well, i "friended" moed's FB last week, and went back to see what he's about.

it tells me "friend request sent" which means it's still in a pending status. for a future star he sure isn't very accessible.

i know nothing of him. AJ has the advantage as far as i'm concerned.

Jon Easter said...

You don't need to "friend" his campaign page. I can't help but detect the snark. Sorry Kris I have offended you.

Above is his campaign Facebook.

kris said...

no snark intended. i couldn't find his page that you provided a link to until you provided the link. he doesn't have a website. 137 people like his page compared to 318 for aj?

seems like aj has the advantage. just saying. i'm curious as to who i'm going to run against in 2014!

Jon Easter said...

You might want to make sure you're still in the 97th. The districts moved slightly. You may now be in the 100th. Don't know for sure.

erikabrooks1973 said...

I am actively rooting for Justin. He stops by a couple times a year and has even helped me with my yard work. We had deep potholes on our street and a bad streetlight and after calling the city for months, he had it fixed in days. He cares about the community and crime levels and even our sidewalks which have been getting fixed. JUSTIN ALL THE WAY! BTW, NEVER even met AJ! But still wish him luck.