Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Ruling Not 9/11 or End of America

Mike Pence compared the ruling on health care today to 9/11.  He quickly apologized.

Other conservatives are lamenting the ruling as the "Death or Democracy" or the "End of America".  Pardon me.  Where were you when Citizens United came down?

That's neither here nor there.  Citizens United didn't end America any more than today's controversial ruling did.  Today's ruling guarantees the the United States will take the health and welfare of its citizens and make it a priority.  That's what it does.  Granted, that's a political answer.  So, let's just take a few steps back.

Even if you believe that "Obamacare" is the end of the world, you must concede that the United States has been through worse than this.  We've survived a revolution.  We got through an invasion.  We survived a civil war and so much more.  Today, I was blessed to hop on a hotel shuttle and cross into Downtown Louisville to the Muhammad Ali Center.

The Ali Center is a sprawling complex full of five levels of art, memorabilia and history.  It has great exhibits and a myriad of interactive things for young and old alike.  I recommend a trip.

I arrived there this morning about 9:45 a.m., so I didn't see the Supreme Court ruling go down.  I didn't really want to.  I had a feeling it was going the other way, and I chose to spend a vacation day in a good mood.

Have Courage in Your Convictions!
That Keeps America Great
As I walked through the exhibits, I got to one that highlighted the Civil Rights Movement.  As most of you know, Muhammad Ali had a front row seat.  To many Americans, he is a hero of that movement.  To me, he's one of my heroes, period.  Ali has always stood for something.  Even if you didn't agree with him, you had to admire him.

Part of the Civil Rights Exhibit is this very small diner setting.  There are a few stools set next to a countertop. When you walk in, it's very silent then you hear the door chimes of today. 

This young man of apparent mixed ethnicity walked into the exhibit before I did. He was probably 12 or 13 years old. This booming voice came over the speakers, "Hey! What are you doing in here??!!?! You know I can't serve you!" I jumped, and I saw him jump too. I had never experienced what that might feel like until today.

We live in a country that didn't solve that issue, but we made it a lot better. That reality for our parents and grandparents is now a museum exhibit for us.

We're working on it. We are a country in progress. We are a living experiment, and yes, we are divided. But, our motto "E Pluribus Unum" means to me that it's ok to have differences. It's something many, like Mike Pence, in Washington should remember.

I received the news from my friend Steve Terrell that the Affordable Care Act had been upheld as I was standing next to the torch that Muhammad Ali used to light the 1996 Olympic Torch in Atlanta. It was a highlight of his life, and now, I'll always remember that moment.

Once the torch of liberty was lit always remember that it's the people that provide the liberty. If you don't like something, go out and change it. That's why this spirit of America will never die. Muhammad Ali realized that, and he "shook the world."


Anonymous said...

This will eventually bring on single payer, national healthcare. Death panels won’t be needed, as the costly, end-of-life care, and the care for younger folks for harder to battle cancer and stuff just won’t exist as it does today. Unless doctors and nurses are willing to take 20%+ pay cuts, and hospitals charge at least 33% less, there won’t be enough in taxes to pay current market rates.

Some will say “If you get rid of the middle man, insurance companies, there will be tons of money.” These people are pretty clueless. According to IU’s report on healthcare for that university, they spent around $153,000,000 on healthcare. They state that 94% of that figure is for medical and medicine. Folks, saving a whopping 6% isn’t going to fix the system. In order to fix the system, one would have to massively cut hospital admin costs, slash wages for nurses and doctors.

Get ready for single payer, get ready for around 50% federal income tax. The suckers will be those fools who didn’t save money. The rest of us are going to get rid of our $60K/year jobs, that will only allow us to take home $30K/year, and do jobs we love so long as they pay for the basics. I figure all I need is $25K and I can make it. I will pay minimal taxes, get the same exact healthcare as the sucker working my old job working nights, weekends, and holidays. Bring on the single payer…. It is time someone subsidize my life so I can do what I want.

Anonymous said...

The healthcare design in MA was based on circumstances specific to MA that won't have the same results in every state. MA received money from the fed that nobody else got on top of the mass of money they had set aside for health care reform. Bankruptcies in MA due to health care bills is consistent with other states. Studies indicate ER visits in MA have gone up by 9% mostly due to expanded health coverage. Many of the things in MA health law went against Romneys wishes and costs increased by additions created by the next Governor.