Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gregg Has Pence's Attention

Mike Pence
John Gregg is out on the earned media trail, and he has the attention of the Mike Pence for Governor campaign.

Pence must feel somewhat threatened by the former Indiana Speaker of the House's attacks because he has trotted out high-level surrogates to fire barbs back at Gregg.

Jim Shella pens this piece for WISH-TV.  In it, Shella describes some of the campaign tactics that Gregg is using.  Gregg is employing a different strategy, and it appears that it's working.  With millions of dollars in Washington money pouring into Indiana to support his campaign, Pence has been on television for a few weeks with a few different ads.

John Gregg
Gregg has to rely on some other tactics since he cannot match Pence dollar-for-dollar.  He's taking his message directly to the people in trying to define Pence as out-of-touch with extreme views.  The Gregg Campaign has launced a website touting the Pence Plan for Indiana heavily based on Pence's record, writings, and policy over the last 20 years.  Gregg's camp also created a Twitter account @PencePlan.  Pence's campaign actually got that Twitter account suspended temporarily, according to Shella.

As Shella points out, Pence's camp is saying that Gregg is being a bit misleading with its attacks.  When Pence himself has built his entire career, however, on championing wedge issues, how could what Gregg charges be misleading?

On the Pence Plan website, this video is posted.  Is John Gregg being misleading?  That sure sounds like Mike Pence's voice.

Pence is not a moderate.  He's a right wing, Tea Party Republican who cannot separate his Evangelical Christian religion from his duty as a policy maker and office holder.  It's amazing how the Mike Pence Campaign is trying to sell us this working man from a working family who just wants to do good by Indiana. That certainly isn't the Mike Pence we've come to know.

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