Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Carson Taking Nothing for Granted

Congressman André Carson's 7th Congressional District looks a lot different these days with the new lines that were drawn following the 2010 census, but I think he likes it that way.  Speaking at the Decatur Township Democratic Club meeting last night, Carson promised to learn everything he can about the new areas of the district from the people that live in it.  
Congressman André Carson

"I want you to talk to me," said Carson.  "Tell me what are your concerns and what are the issues here."

Carson talked about his accomplishments in his first four years on the job.  Chiefly among them getting two important bills that he authored through Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama to help our returning servicemen and servicewomen.  He also said that he had been able to bring over $400 million in funding back to the district for a number of projects.

Carlos May
Scott Carr, his newly-appointed campaign manager, said the Congressman would be taking nothing for granted and would be waging a campaign for votes across the 7th District and even in areas that typically have supported Republicans.  "We lost some blue areas and gained some red areas, but that's okay," said Carr.

Carson will be battling Carlos May, a fairly popular Republican candidate, who used to serve as Mayor Ballard's Neighborhood Liaison in some of the territory in the new 7th.  In 2010, he quit his job to run for the 7th District office.  He lost to Marvin Scott in the Primary.  He barely won the nomination in the last month's primary.  This time around, he's the Director of Latino Affairs for Ballard.

On Election Day, Carson is expected to win reelection, but he's clearly not leaving his chances to fortune.  Carr said that Democrats can expect Carson to be in their neighborhoods with volunteers and canvassing in an "aggressive campaign" for reelection.


Wilson46201 said...

May resigned his city job the day after the Primary. Dunno what he's doing now -- he's been amazingly low-key about campaigning so dar...

Jon Easter said...

According to his campaign website:

"Currently, Carlos serves the City of Indianapolis, working as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Latino Affairs. Prior to this Carlos served as a Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison. Carlos takes great pride in helping the citizens of Indianapolis in his current role, but wants to do more — for the city and the nation. That’s why he’s decided to run for Indiana’s Seventh Congressional District seat."

If he resigned, looks like he needs to update his bio.

Greg Purvis said...

IF he has resigned, the City also needs to update their Latino Affairs page, which still lists May.


Wilson46201 said...

You're right -- May is still on Ballard's payroll.