Friday, June 15, 2012

Bennett Takes Credit for Higher Scores, Grad Rates

Dr. Tony Bennett
Dr. Tony Bennett has released a campaign video that says that his ideas are responsible for higher graduation rates and higher test scores in Indiana.

This is just me talking, and I want to make that clear.

I fully believe that Dr. Bennett has every right to tout higher scores and higher graduation rates because they happened under his watch, but I believe a little humility is needed.

School leaders, teachers and their students have been working their butts off in this state, and Dr. Bennett had an opportunity by just changing a few words to give them the credit they deserve.  Rather than implying that his ideas alone were responsible for the growth in the rates and scores, he could have given that credit to the teachers, students, and administrators.

My suggested change in wording, "Under Dr. Bennett's leadership, Indiana teachers, school leaders, and our students raised graduation rates and test scores."

There.  Done.

Dr. Bennett and his campaign, however, chose not to go this route.  Teachers teach.  Students learn.  Administrators administrate, but politicians politic.

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