Thursday, May 3, 2012

Something's Missing

Senator R. Michael Young
Senator Mike Young's campaign material Legislative Update recently arrived at my home, and I sat it aside.  I got busy and only recently got back to actually looking at what the good Senator was touting as his 2012 accomplishments, and I think it's extremely interesting what he ISN'T highlighting.

Young's campaign piece talks about his support of phasing out the state inheritance tax and creating a mechanism to send automatic refunds to taxpayers if state reserves get to a certain level.  He lists the legislative response to the Barnes v. State of Indiana Supreme Court case that, in his words "balances public safety with the basic right of homeowners to protect their homes and families from illegal entry."  He lists closing loopholes in human trafficking statutes and beefing up protections for children from sexual exploitation as accomplishments.  Finally, he talks about promoting job growth by exempting aircraft whose construction was completed in Indiana from sales tax thereby increasing job opportunities around airports.

Did you notice it?  What was missing?  If you said Right to Work, you are correct!  Not a mention of the controversial measure that was passed through the Indiana General Assembly can be found.

Apparently, Senate Republicans like Young are already running away from one of their biggest legislative agenda items last session.  It could also be a conscious choice to leave out mention of the RTW bill because Young is facing Daniel Kinnamon in the Primary on May 8.  Kinnamon is, apparently, not a Lunch Pail Republican, but maybe Young believes that the measure might hurt him and cost him some votes.

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