Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pence Wasting No Time in Naming Lt. Gov. Candidate

According to media reports, Mike Pence is on the verge of naming his candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Pence has until May 25 to name his running mate.  Who will it be?  Well, no one really knows.  Typically one tries to balance the ticket either ideologically or geographically.  That would mean a moderate Republican from Northern Indiana or Central Indiana.  Since there are really no moderate Republicans left, it likely will be a double down on the far right conservative.  Wouldn't want to anger the Tea Party!

Unfortunately, Pence has been light on the details of really anything so far.  We are in the awkward position of having his first ad on the air as well as his Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate named BEFORE we actually have an idea on anything he wants to do.

John Gregg got some press yesterday by announcing he wanted to cut corporate taxes for businesses that choose the State of Indiana to base themselves.  Gregg would also need a Northern Indiana or Central Indiana Democrat to fit the traditional mold of ticket balance.  My nominee would be someone like State Rep. Jeb Bardon, a father and a small business owner who is very popular.  I really have no idea who he will pick.

Rupert Boneham already has his running mate for the Libertarians in restaurateur Brad Klopfenstein.

We'll see soon who Pence picks.


Anonymous said...

Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas

marksmall2001 said...

I would guess---perhaps "guess" is not the right word---Pence will advocate the same positions on the same issues that other Republicans of his ilk have put forward. Look at what the governors in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio have done or tried to do.

Anonymous said...

I bet that Mary Ann Sullivan gets the nod.She would be perfect

IndyDem said...

My money's on Wayne Seybold, fromer 5th Dist congressional candidate and mayor of Marion Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Seybold or Costas

Jon Easter said...

Mary Ann would be a good choice, but she's running for Senate and has a chance.

Anonymous said...

Seybold makes the most sense. Moderate, knows how to bring jobs and has the executive experience that Pence will need. He will balance the ticket..Besides, didn't he get the backing of Delph,Kinley and other state legislatures when he ran in the 5th? He ran a clean campaign..Maybe this is why he ran a clean campaign?

.Costas rubs a lot of people the wrong way up in the north.

Anonymous said...

how about Melina Kennedy? I know she just started a new job, but she does have a brand,,a bad brand,but a brand.

Anonymous said...

Seybold would be a hard sell. He has really ticked off the gun rights groups. On two Indiana gun forums, many don't like Seybold. He was against the state law that took away local municipality rights to make a patchwork of gun laws within their borders. There is a criminal recklessness state law that would prevent people from just opening fire at random whenever they felt like, yet this guy used that as an example in two written letters.

Many gun owner types won't be pleased to have Seybold on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

thing that the issue of creating jobs is a lot bigger than the gun issue. If your insinuating that he wants to take away your guns, then you are sorely mistaken.

He is the Mayor, it is his job to protect people and crate jobs, he did both from what I see. But the gun owners seem to think that theirs is the only issue in the world.

Ill take jobs any day.The man just got elected to his third term so he must be doing something right other than pissing you off,me thinks there is another agenda there.

Anonymous said...

The future Governor will be running an organization with 24,000 employees and a $28.3 Billion operating budget.

Having to choose between two legislators for Governor who have not run anything but their mouths is VERY scary.

Indiana is in trouble if Pence and Gregg don't pick running-mates with executive branch experience. (Mayor, Corporate CEO, State or Federal Cabinet Officer, etc..)

Perhaps even a University President:

Former Purdue President Martin C. Jischke,

IU President Michael A. McRobbie,

Ball State President Jo Ann M. Gora,

Ivy Tech Community College President Thomas J. Snyder.

We need big ideas that get real results!