Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pence Launches Air Campaign for Governor

Mike Pence wasted no time in opening up his air campaign for Governor of Indiana.


Pence’s first ad, embedded above, began airing yesterday, and it underscores what will be a huge advantage for the Congressman…his campaign war chest. Yes, Pence will have the money, and he will raise a lot of it. John Gregg and especially Rupert Boneham will find themselves at a disadvantage all the way through the campaign.

By opening his air campaign this early, Pence truly shows he’s taking nothing for granted in this election year. I think he knows what a good candidate he’s up against in Gregg. He also knows that Boneham is potentially a guy that can siphon off a lot of votes with his strong philanthropic background and celebrity appeal.

The ad itself is a feel good piece telling the great story about how Pence met his wife in her own voice.  It also allows Mrs. Pence to introduce Mr. Pence to Hoosiers who may or may not know much about the Congressman.  It also goes heavy on the Hoosier trying to dispel the idea that Pence is an out-of-touch Washington bureaucrat.  It's a strong ad that opens the campaign between his two competitors in a positive manner.

John Gregg has been hitting Pence hard with web ads so far targeting Pence's decision to live full time in Virginia (his young children apparently attend school there), and tries to paint him as out of touch.

Gregg's first air ad is probably not too far away, but he's been trying to score points on the campaign trail and earned media circuit. He’s excellent at retail politics. With a motivated Democratic electorate, Gregg likely won’t be hurting for money in the General Election, either. He just can’t spend in a one-to-one ratio with Pence. He’s going to have to be creative and make sure that he doesn’t run out of campaign cash like Jill Long Thompson did in the weeks leading to the election.

Pence can’t rely on his fundraising advantage to deliver himself a victory, either. Ads aired now are nice, but they likely aren’t going to mean much later on in the race. It’s important to be out on the fish fry and county fair circuit right now. You know that all three candidates will do that.

The air campaign, however, is officially underway. 



Jon, you represent the best of the D's.

Watch this 6:44 minute video speech by a 12 year old Canadian girl as she explains the banking system as it directly influences our taxes.

I also hope the politicians, pundits, and government servants who read your blog will also watch.

Greg Purvis said...

I have seen Mike Pence’s first commercial and found it a little odd. It was all about how he met his wife and their romance. All of that is fine, but it told me exactly ZERO about why anyone should vote for him. Perhaps he is just going to campaign as Mr. Hoosier Nice Guy, with no ideas and no substance.

Alex Ralston said...

Pence is simply setting up the classic "nice, negative, nice" TV campaign.

He may or may not ever be substantive. Taxes are too high. Government is too big. Family values. Lots of winking. Blatant self-promotion of his faith. None of which should surprise anyone. What else has he ever done or said?