Thursday, May 10, 2012

Only One Gubernatorial Candidate Favors Marriage Equality

Libertarian Gubernatorial Nominee
Rupert Boneham
As President Obama's views have ultimately evolved into support for gay marriage, other politicians are still struggling with the issue even as more and more Hoosiers and Americans come to support marriage equality.  Neither Republican Mike Pence nor Democrat John Gregg supports marriage equality for LGBT Hoosiers, and that may push those voters and those that care about them to Libertarian Rupert Boneham as they look for the candidate that best represents their own views and their own hopes and dreams because Rupert is standing up for them.

Boneham has released a video that says he will not only fight for LGBT Hoosiers, but he will do everything to block the marriage amendment that will come up for a vote if it passes the Indiana General Assembly again in 2013.  He also said that he will push for the repeal of Indiana's version of the Defense of Marriage Act.

John Gregg nor Mike Pence will make statements like this though Gregg said that he wished that those on the right wouldn't make wedge issues out of things like this.  Thanks John. But these kinds of cop out answers are not what many in the LGBT community want to hear especially when there is now cover from the President of the United States.

Mike Pence
In reality, if I recall correctly, there's not much the Governor of Indiana can do to block anything like the marriage amendment.  Once it passes, it goes, I believe, straight to the voters.  That means that there could be an election in 2013 after all, and it will likely be the only thing on the ballot unless there is some referendum.  Can you imagine the nasty that is about to befall this state?

John Gregg
Passing the buck on the issue is not something Democrats can afford to let John Gregg do.  It's already an issue, and Vice President Biden's statements last Sunday shined a major light on it.  Now, I really like John, and I plan to vote for him, but he needs to understand that his views on this matter are just not acceptable to scores of Hoosiers on both sides of the aisle.  He needs to understand that we expect Mike Pence to have these kinds of issues, but we cannot afford to have our party's standard-bearer in the state to have the same exact position on the matter.  This is no longer so cut and dry.

At least Rupert gets what many of us know.  When it comes to civil rights, it should not be a personal matter of choice for someone.  These are not issues for voters to decide.  Unfortunately, it looks like that's what we're stuck with until reality finally strikes.  One way or another, thanks to Boneham for standing up for LGBT families and individuals in Indiana.

Here's Rupert's video:



We need more education about GLBT issues in Indiana. It is shameful.

I lived in Kokomo, IN during the Ryan White years. The way Hoosiers treated that boy was shameful, even though he was not gay, he was just a little boy who contracted a terrible disease.

There is still so much ignorance that needs to be overcome.

It is up to those of us who are educated to help others become enlightened and understand.

While I like Mike Pence for many reasons, his stance on social issues like this will likely cause me to not vote for him, even though I consider myself to be conservative. I can't turn my back on the GLBT community.

I am leaning support toward Rupert in the fall.

patriot paul said...

44% of Americans believe homosexuality is a sin (and I suspect it's much higher in the Bible belt).
If you promote that in a campaign, you've just alienated a large swath of voters who feel you may be without a moral compass.

Anonymous said...

First, it is a mistake to treat Kokomo as a gauge for Indiana. Kokomo is more like West Virginia. Civil rights should never be on the ballot. They should be guaranteed and enforced by the courts.


Paul, I prefer to let God work in the hearts of men and women and not put that his work in the hands of politicians.

I prefer politicians to promote equality and to let God sort out the rest.