Thursday, May 3, 2012

House 92 GOP Race Gets Nasty

Tim Motsinger
Tim Motsinger's Republican opponent for Phil Hinkle's House District 92 seat, Brad Rider, is now up and on the air running and running negative ads. As a Democrat, I really love to watch Republicans fight it out among themselves, but this time, I feel compelled to make a point.

In 2009, Motsinger was the favorite to get the Republican nomination for Marion County Sheriff in 2010.  He had raised a lot of money, and it was looking like a possible clash of the titans between John Layton and Motsinger.   A lot changed quickly.  When his campaign finance chair, Tim Durham, got himself into hot water with the feds, Motsinger returned the campaign cash he received from Durham and, with his campaign suddenly broke, immediately dropped out of the race for Sheriff.

At the time, Motsinger wrote, "In light of the recent investigations concerning the non-campaign related business affairs of my campaign finance chairman, I have made the decision that it is appropriate to return any and all financial contributions and loans that my campaign has received from him or his affiliated businesses."

Brad Rider
Other Republicans like Mitch Daniels refused to return the money they had gotten from Durham saying that the money had already been spent.  Only after a trustee asked Daniels to return the money did the Governor return a portion of the funds.

Motsinger almost immediately did the right thing.  That should say a lot about him as a person.  Let me be clear.  I am a Democrat, and I would wholeheartedly support Karlee Macer on May 8 if I lived in House 92.  Motsinger, however, should be praised for giving back the tainted money right away.

Motsinger has his hands full with Rider.  This is one of those rare Indiana House races where both Motsinger and Rider can boast high-level endorsements.  Richard Scott is also in the race.  I will be interested in watching how this race goes on Primary Election Day.

The Democratic side is also crowded with Macer battling Brian Cooper and TyJuan Garrett for the Democratic nomination.  Macer has the endorsement of the Marion County Democratic Party, but Cooper and Garrett have yard signs and are running solid efforts.

Hinkle's retirement has made this one very interesting.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

I agree. I really admire Tim for what he did in immediately returning that money. Not a single Republican acted as quickly and some politicians would only agree to give a portion of the money back after the trustee went after them. Tim though gave 100% of the money back even though it left his campaign without money to go on.