Monday, May 14, 2012

Four Women on Indiana Congressional Ballot in 2012

Jackie Walorski
Four women are nominees of the two major parties this year in Congressional races.  All of them run on the conservative side, regardless of political party.

Jackie Walorski won the Republican nomination in Indiana's 2nd Congressional District up to the north.  Walorski is a previous candidate for Congress and a former State Representative and television reporter.  When the Republicans redistricted the 2nd, it made it a lot easier for someone from their own party to win.  She will face Democrat Brendan Mullen in November and Andrew Straw is also in the race as a Green Party candidate.
Tara Nelson

In the 4th District, Tara Nelson won the Democratic nomination for Congesss.  The IT Professional Project Manager will challenge incumbent Republican Todd Rokita in November.  This district does not favor a Democrat at all...even one as conservative as Nelson seems to be.

Susan Brooks
Susan Brooks just nipped David McIntosh to claim the Republican nomination in the 5th Congressional District.  Brooks is the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana.  She's also a past Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis and a former college administrator.  Brooks' 5th District actually became a bit more blue than it was in 2010, but Dan Burton was always had one of the safest Republican seats in Congress, and it will still be an uphill climb for Democrat State Representative Scott Reske and Libertarian Chard Reid in this campaign to knock off Brooks.

Shelli Yoder
The 9th Congressional District also nominated a woman on the Democratic side.  As WISH-TV's Jim Shella predicted, Shelli Yoder won the Democratic nomination to face Republican Todd Young in the fall.  Yoder, a non-profit organization leader, is a former Miss Indiana and lives in Bloomington.  The redraw of the 9th District has made this a very steep uphill climb for her.  Jason Sharp is the Libertarian nominee.

The last woman to represent Indiana in Congress was, of course, Congresswoman Julia Carson who served from 1997 until her death in 2007.  Carson was just the fifth woman to serve Indiana in Congress.  The full list includes Virginia Ellis Jenckes (Democrat) 1933-1939, Cecil Murray Harden (Republican) 1949-1959, the recently deceased Katie Hall (Democrat) 1982-1985, Jill Long Thompson (Democrat) 1989-1995, and Julia Carson (Democrat) 1997-2007.  To date, there have been no female Senators from Indiana.

For more information on the remarkable women that have served in Congress, visit this great website from the United States House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

We are moving into the 4th this Summer and having already lived there before I know how right-leaning it is. To the point that a Democrat has about a snow balls/hell chance of winning. I would say this goes for other districts too, but what the Dems need to do, even if on only a trial basis, is run a very liberal candidate in one of these districts. Although the defeat would be just as likely, a liberal candidate and a local voice would bring out voter turnout. A liberal is going to be very discouraged to come out and vote. An independent, even if they will vote against such a liberal local candidate, may still just as well vote for other Dems on the State or Presidential level.

Jon Easter said...

The Democrats did run Professor David Sanders three times in the 4th. He would fit the "very liberal" bill.