Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Polling Site Change Apparently Confuses Ballard

David Brooks changed the precincts and Mayor Greg Ballard changed the polling sites, but look who apparently had problems figuring out where she voted.
First Lady of Indianapolis Winnie Ballard at the wrong polling site.
(Photo by Gelone Broadnax via Facebook)

The First Lady of Indianapolis, Winnie Ballard, allegedly showed up at the wrong polling site today to vote.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Mrs. Ballard.  If you have a complaint, contact the Mayor's Action Center, 327-4MAC.   You can avoid the same problem by going here to the Voter Information Portal.

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Anonymous said...

In all fairness to Mrs. Ballard, I've found the Voter Information Portal to be incorrect in the past, as recently as last November. I don't exactly trust it.