Friday, May 11, 2012

Ballard Not At Wrong Polling Site

Winnie Ballard
(photo by Gelone Broadnax via Facebook)
The Indianapolis Star's Jon Murray reports that the First Lady of Indianapolis, Winnie Ballard, was not at the wrong polling site when she was photographed looking frustrated on Tuesday.  I posted about that here on Election Day.

Murray says that Ballard apparently was at the wrong precinct within the polling site when she attempted to sign in to vote.  He said that the Mayor's Office called it partisan gamesmanship.

Perhaps it was, but I think it's fair to point out that even the Mayor's own wife was confused on Election Day about how to cast her vote.  Even though the was at the right polling site, she went to the wrong precinct.  From there, it appears the Mayor's Office wants to lay this at the feet of the poll workers.  It apparently took a few phone calls to figure out the problem and the First Lady successfully cast her ballot in that polling site at another precinct that was voting there.

I guess this is kind of like getting the right neighborhood but walking up to the wrong house and knocking on the door then going back and seeing that the house you were trying to visit was right next door. Maybe I'm just loopy after a long week.

One way or another, the record is straight now.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Think the Mayor and his wife voted for me? I'm betting "no."

Jon Easter said...

I think you're right, Paul.