Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Young in Hot Water Over Campaign Tactics in SD 35

Indiana Senator
R. Michael Young
State Senator Mike Young hasn't gotten the endorsement of the Republican Party in Hendricks County, but that apparently didn't stop him from trumpeting their support on some of his campaign signs.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz reports on his Indy Politics website that Hendricks County GOP Chair Mike O'Brien sent out an e-mail trying to remove confusion created by Young's signs.  The e-mail says essentially that the local party has endorsed neither Young nor Republican Daniel Kinnamon, his primary challenger.  Mark Waterfill is the only Democrat in the race.

Republican candidate
Daniel Kinnamon
According to Abdul, a complaint has been filed against Young with the Hendricks County Election Board, and, he writes, "the County Prosecutor may be getting involved as well."
Democratic candidate
Mark Waterfill

Abdul also notes, very astutely, that the boundaries have changed for District 35.  No longer are parts of extremely conservative Johnson and Morgan Counties part of the district.  Young has done this to himself, according to experts I've talked to.  He's apparently the guy that drew the districts.

Young's district now covers only parts of Marion and Hendricks Counties.  Young, who lives in Marion County, is the slated candidate in his home county.  Will this mess make a difference to the voters of Hendricks County?  Maybe not, but it can certainly create more troubles for the Senator.

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Paul K. Ogden said...


I note that the Marion County slated judicial candidates and other candidates are trumpeting the fact they are "endorsed by the Republican Party."

The party ORGANIZATION has endorsed those individuals, not the party collective. And even that isn't true. Most of the people voting at slating are appointees of the county chairmen, not actual party workers.