Wednesday, April 18, 2012

VEEP-stakes Start for Romney

Romney Has a Big Decision Ahead
Mitt Romney confirmed yesterday that he has begun considering who will be his running mate in 2012, and he has named longtime aide Beth Myers to help him.

They say if you count on a Vice Presidential candidate to deliver a state or to help you too tremendously you will be disappointed.  That said, a Vice Presidential candidate can hurt you a lot if you choose unwisely.

You don't believe me? Ask John McCain!  McCain's campaign didn't vet Governor Sarah Palin well enough, and she turned out to be a disaster in many ways for the former GOP standard bearer's hopes to win the White House.  First of all, she overshadowed him and, by many accounts, decided at some point to go off script and start to do her own thing.  Secondly, she proved time and time again that she was not up to the job of being President had she needed to be.

You want more examples?  Go ask George H.W. Bush.  Bush 41 passed over some of the best possible people he could have chosen to select Senator Dan Quayle from Indiana.  Quayle had been in the Senate at the time for a while and in the House before that, but his propensity for verbal gaffes and seeming lack of intelligence hurt his boss on many occasions.

Romney has many ways he can go from here.  He can try to balance out the ticket by picking someone to his right or he can try to geographically balance the ticket by going south or west with his choice.  My advice to him would be to pick someone that voters can see in the job if necessary...just to pick the best possible person.

I don't know Republican politics well enough to tell you who that person might be, but I wouldn't necessarily make a choice to pander to the right.

The politics of a Presidential Election Year are absolutely intriguing for political geeks like me.  That's why I will love to watch how this VEEP-stakes plays out for Mitt.

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