Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Straub Must Go

As I write this, Frank Straub's support from the City-County Council may be in jeopardy.  After this latest bombshell, I now think he needs to go.

When Paul Ciesielski resigned his position yesterday, Frank Straub was quick to name Rick Hite as the Acting Chief of Police.  Hite had been a personal hire of Straub's brought in from Baltimore.

Turns out, that Straub's guy isn't apparently certified to be Acting Police Chief until he gets Indiana certification, according to WRTV.  That's despite all of his experience in police work from Maryland.

This seals it for me.  Straub no longer knows what he's doing and needs to go regardless of what the Council does tonight.  How the Public Safety Director can miss that is beyond me.  If public safety is job one as Mayor Ballard says it is, he needs to immediately ask for and accept Dr. Straub's resignation, or, if the Public Safety Director will not step aside, he should fire him.

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Doggone mad said...

You are missing the point. The recently demoted chief had no less culpability with the unforgiveable loss of evidence than did the micromanaging Straub. Ballard supports Straub, and Straub is not going anywhere while the Mayor has his back. So if Ballard won't fire Straub and start moving Public Safety forward, you should call on Ballard to resign. The buck stops on the 25th floor. Ballard needs to take responsibility for his department.