Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rep. Allen West Calls Andre Carson, Progressives Communist

A Florida Representative who is known for his wild rhetoric is at it again, and he's getting personal with Indiana's 7th District.
U.S Rep. Allen West, R-FL

In a town hall meeting, West said there were about 75 members of the Democratic Caucus in the U.S. House that were Communists.  Later, a spokesman said that West was talking about the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  That's a group that includes 7th District Congressman Andre Carson.  The Congressional Progressive Caucus also includes Civil Rights Icon John Lewis, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

West can say what he wishes.  It's his right.  To call fellow members of his legislative body Communist without any shred of evidence is dangerous and unwise.  

Barney Frank, also a member of the caucus, said that "Not even Joe McCarthy would have said anything that stupid."

West also said President Obama is afraid to have a one-on-one discussion with West and his constituents because he was "too afraid."

Yeah, right.  It's amazing how West will throw this garbage out of his mouth when he accused Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of insulting him during a House Debate over Medicare last year.  He challenged the Congresswoman to a personal fight.

I think that qualifies him as a complete tool.


marksmall2001 said...

First of all, with all due respect to Rep. Frank, he is wrong. Joseph McCarthy would have said something that stupid. As to allegations of communism amongst progressives, I wish that were the case. At least we would have some left-wing shoft when sides came to the table to negotiate, instead of automatically caving half the table to the right.

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

"The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all."

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting that you mention the homosexual and who was also on the socialist list with Carson birds of a feather bananas on the same bunch those who know the truth about these people have been set free but they are in bondage to the same philosophy too bad you can't see