Monday, April 9, 2012

McIntosh Must Feel Like Lugar

Former Congressman
David McIntosh
Like Senator Richard Lugar, David McIntosh, is facing serious concerns about where he hangs his hat and whether or not that makes him fit to serve Hoosiers.

McIntosh, like Lugar, is actually registered to vote in Indiana from a place of residence and voted there in 2008 and 2010.  Lugar, of course, had been using the address where he resided 35 years ago for voter registration purposes.  Now he is using his family farm on Mann Road in Decatur Township to solve the issue.

Let's be honest here.  While facing residency questions, it's hard to really make it stick that Dick Lugar isn't a Hoosier and doesn't understand the state he's been serving with distinction for all this time.  He's guilty of being slow footed and not necessarily 100 percent in touch with the political scene in missing this mess.

McIntosh, on the other hand, has largely been missing from Indiana politics since his 2000 run for the Governor's Office where he lost in a landslide to Frank O'Bannon.  Word comes that McIntosh has actually for much of the past few years been living in Virginia instead where his children are in school and he holds a drivers license and not in Anderson, where he has voted from.

If McIntosh, who is picking up many endorsements from conservative groups like the Club for Growth and influential conservatives like Grover Nordquist, wins the Primary and heads to the General Election like this, it is certainly something a Democrat could use against him.  That said, it is a very tough Democratic district to win.  While what will soon be Dan Burton's former district includes more of the Northside of Indianapolis, it also includes many other heavily Republican areas not likely to swing the way of Scott Reske, the front-runner to win the Democratic seat.

The 5th is interesting enough.  Dr. John McGoff claims to be polling in a dead heat with McIntosh.  Former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks is running hard, and Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold has hired Blair Englehart to do his advertising.  It's a seat these people (and others running) want, and, even though McIntosh has the experience of being in Congress before and is a well-known name, it may not mean much if this residency issue sticks.

McIntosh won't get away from this one as easy as Lugar might.  That's why it makes the 5th a race to watch in May and, if he wins, thereafter.

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Wilson46201 said...

Look at McIntosh's entire biography. Born in California, he grew up in Kendallville, north of Fort Wayne. Then he went off to college at Yale and to Chicago for law school. From there it was off to Washington DC as a staffer in the Reagan/Bush years. After the '92 election, he was jobless so he moved to Muncie and ran for Congress from Muncie in 1994. He won so it was back to DC! He lost the election in 2000 and just stayed there this time again.
The reality is that McIntosh has lived out of the state EXCEPT for 2 years all his adult life. He's a professional DC insider wheeler-dealer simply using Indiana as a handle to get elected.
As a yellow-dog Democrat, I have no dog in that fight in that district EXCEPT as a Hoosier tired of DC insiders playing Hoosiers for votes and power in Washington.