Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Martinsville Educator Wants to Take on Bennett

Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate
Justin Oakley
Unlike many offices that will be decided in the May 8 Primary, the candidates for the Offices of Attorney General and Superintendent of Public Instruction are both selected by delegates to the Indiana Democratic Convention.  It's expected that Greg Zoeller and Tony Bennett are shoo-ins to be retained by the Republicans.

There is no clear candidate on the Democratic side for Attorney General, but one man is working hard to win support for the chance to take on Tony Bennett.  Martinsville educator Justin Oakley is crisscrossing Indiana because he wants to be Superintendent of Public Instruction.

His campaign website shows some of his travelogue, and it's impressive for the middle school teacher that wants to bring a classroom educator's sensibility to the office that has long been held by administrators.

I've had occasion to hear Oakley speak, and he gives a very compelling stump speech.  He knows where to attack Bennett often talking about how the singer Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco but how Indiana's Tony Bennett has sold his heart to for-profit business and how he's taking that model to our schools.  He talks about putting students and teachers ahead of politics, and he also is passionate about teaching our children how to think rather than how to succeed on a test, "I became a teacher to make a difference," writes Oakley on the website. "America depends on a strong Democracy and students who can think outside the box; not those who worry about filling in the bubbles.  I did not enter this profession to torture them with onerous testing!"

It will be interesting if he can take this early momentum, earn the support of the delegates, and take the fight to Bennett as we head to November.

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guy77money said...

Hope he gets the nomination. He would get my vote in a New York minute.