Friday, April 20, 2012

Judicial Candidates Rated by Indianapolis Bar Association Survey

The Indianapolis Bar Association released its judicial candidate peer evaluation results in a press release today.

According to a news release from the IndyBar, Indianapolis Bar Association members, attorneys in the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, the Marion County Public Defender's Office, as well as all attorneys appearing in Marion County Courtrooms in the last three years.

The survey asked respondents to rate candidates based on:

Sufficient legal experience to be an effective judge, efficiency as an office administrator, conduct appropriate for a judge, knowledge of rules of evidence, procedure and substantive law, and, finally, the ability to be unbiased, independent, and impartial.

The results are below, and the numbers indicate the percentage of evaluators that returned the survey that recommend the candidate to be a Marion County Superior Court Judge.

Judge Mark Stoner, 95.7%
Judge Heather Welch, 95.6%
Judge Jose Salinas, 79%
John Chavis, 78.8%
Judge Grant Hawkins, 78.8%
Judge Linda Brown, 69.9%
Judge Steve Eichholtz, 68.8%
Judge Tom Carroll, 68.5%
Judge John Hanley, 67%
Mark King, 53.4%
Greg Bowes, 52.7%
Judge Becky Pierson-Treacy, 30.7%

Judge Robert Altice, 96.7%
Judge Michael Keele, 95.4%
Judge Sheila Carlisle, 94.2%
Helen Marchal, 86.3%
Judge William Nelson, 84.9%
Amy Jones, 84.8%
Judge Clark Rogers, 84.0%
Judge Carol Orbison, 72.6%
Judge Lisa Borges, 69.8%
James Joven, 68.1%
Clayton Graham, 60%
Paul Ogden, 18.1%


Paul K. Ogden said...

Also, willingness to rock the boat and run against the slate is obviously a factor...

Gee, I only have 25 years legal experience, worked as a deputy attorney general, clerked for 3 1/2 years for two judges on the Indiana Court of Appeals, served as general counsel for a title insurance agency, interned at the Prosecuting Attorney's Counsel, interned in the Indiana State Senate, worked in all three branches of government, and tried civil and criminal cases in virtually every court in the county...all the while teaching college classes. I will gladly put my qualifications up against any Democratic or Republican judicial candidate on the ballot.

The JEPAC ratings (which amount to nothing more than a self-selecting poll which any political scientist will tell you are highly inaccurate as a measurement of public opinion), have always been a joke, especially when applied to someone who has never served as a judge. That is even more true when the attorney, i.e. me has spoke out against the system of awarding big downtown law firms lucrative city legal contracts which they they use to fleece taxpayers. I had 116 responses on my survey. How many of those 116 responses do you think came from attorneys who work at a firm like Barnes & Thornburg, Krieg DeVault, of other big firms I have been highly critical of?

Paul K. Ogden said...

You should probably point out that many Marion County attorneys aren't a member of the Indianapolis Bar Association. Unlike in many states, in Indiana you don't have to become a member of any bar assocation. Most attorneys choose not to join a bar assocation.

Anonymous said...

Ogden, wake up. Two other candidates are running against the slate and neither of them were rated as poorly as you were. On the contrary, they received a ranking that was 3 times greater than yours. I know it's hard, but it is time to face the fact that this ranking accurately reflects your standing in the legal community.

Anonymous said...

And what was the ranking of Mitch Daniel's selection to the Indiana Supreme Court compared to his peers?

Didn't he lose a general election for Marion county prosecutor before the Governor puts his friend in a place to protect him from justice?