Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interesting Opponents Try to Challenge Carson

Andre Carson
Congressman Andre Carson will win the Primary.  I know...I'm really stepping out there with that one.  The interesting thing is that the three other people in the race somehow apparently think they have a shot at winning at all.

In this race for Congress, you have two perennial candidates joined by a newcomer.  Let's begin with our two perennials.

Pierre Pullins
Obviously, to be a perennial candidate, Mr. Pullins is a past candidate for Congress.   A visit to Mr. Pullins' Facebook page shows a series of videos leveling a litany of charges at Congressman Carson, President Barack Obama, Governor Mitch Daniels and Judge David Shaheed related to a personal matter currently in the courts.  I'll let you take it from there.

Bob "Citizen" Kern
The second perennial is Bob Kern.  Kern, who is going by Bob "Citizen" Kern this time, is the same Bob Hidalgo Kern that successfully won the Primary race in 1998 to face Dan Burton in the November election.  In that race, he spent something like $11 on his campaign and defeated a slated candidate with a foreign-sounding name.  Kern is a convicted felon, and he has run for just about every federal office he can run for short of President of the United States.

In a past e-mail to me, he said that I did not understand his case from 1989 and that just because he was found guilty in the case that doesn't actually mean that he was guilty.  Whatever the case, it still doesn't change the fact that he is technically now a felon and has that conviction in his past.  In his comments to the Star, Kern went out of his way to say that he is not a Muslim.  As you probably well know, Carson is.

Woodrow Wilcox
The last Democrat in the race is newcomer Woodrow Wilcox.  The insurance industry employee thinks he can go to Congress and solve the problems with Medicare.  He also, on his webpage, calls Congressman Carson, "Andre 'Angry' Carson".  He cites his political experience as winning elections for Democratic PC and for State Convention Delegate.  He is pro-life and against the President's health care plan.  He aligns himself with the Tea Party.

The Democratic Party really is under a big tent, isn't it?

Congressman Carson is by far and a way the best choice to represent the 7th Congressional District, and none of these three candidates will stop him from doing that.


Wilson46201 said...

You failed to note that Wilcox lives in Merrillville up near Gary and far, far away from Indianapolis.

Kris said...

What's with your aversion towards newcomers? If these people want to run for no other reason than it being their right, then who cares? I believe new and different voices strengthen our system, not threaten it. And I dislike the presumption that incumbents have something to lose. As if the office is THEIRS and others are trying to usurp power. They should be fighting for votes just as hard as underdog candidates. I also think that instead of just providing negatives about the other candidates, you should explain why Carson should be reelected. And give reasons that have nada to do with his job as Rep because the other candidates don't have that luxury.

Jon Easter said...

Because these are the central elements of their campaigns.

I more than welcome outsiders, but I think that Democrats should know that Mr. Wilcox, for example, is a Tea Party activist (which is on his website).

I think people should understand that Mr. Kern and Mr. Pullins have unsuccessfully sought this office before and truly don't have a whole lot more to offer than the fact they have run for office several times. Pullins doesn't even appear to have a campaign website.

In my opinion, none of these three are serious candidates in the 7th Congressional District, and that's what I do here. I give opinions.

Doesn't mean they aren't good people. Go visit the resources I provided and make your own determinations and vote your conscience. I doubt that my words here on this blog will swing a single vote.

Anonymous said...

Andre Carson is my Congressman!!