Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gregg Seizes Moment on Daniels Administration's Mess-up

Former Indiana House Speaker
John Gregg
John Gregg is going to be a great Governor of Indiana.  Let's just put that out there.  When he's Governor, there won't be a dull moment, and I think you just got a taste of that in a News Conference he called outside the Statehouse on Friday.

For the second time in four months, the State of Indiana had misplaced some money only to have if found in an audit.  This time, it was over $200 million of local option income tax money.  That's the kind of money that can, let's say, save police officer and firefighter jobs.  It's not news that sat well in Marion County where city and county workers have been furloughed and we can't afford toilet paper for police stations.

Gregg, in a way only he could, stood in front of the Statehouse and offered Mitch Daniels and his administration some help from a group of accounting books:  Accounting Workbook for Dummies, Elements of Accounting, and other textbooks.  Gregg said he'd deliver the books to anyone in the Statehouse that wanted them, according to the Indianapolis Star.  Mike Pence, caught flatfooted, also found himself being called out by Gregg.  On the evening news, one station said that a Pence spokesman said the Congressman was, "not available for comment."

Pence finally released a statement later Friday that essentially called for government transparency.  There's a saying in Indiana that involves someone named Sherlock.

So, in one fell swoop, Gregg found a way to be funny.  He found a way to draw attention to a problem, and he found a way to call out his opponent.  Now, that's a man that's good at retail politics.  It was also a great way to get a lot of earned media from the local market stations.  Even some of my most staunch conservative friends could not help but point out how right Gregg was.

I know many out there think that this is a slam dunk race for Pence.  No question Gregg has an uphill climb.  I just don't think the hill is as steep as some think it is, and John clearly has his climbing shoes on and tied tight.

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