Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gregg Comes Out Swinging

The race is definitely on for Governor, and, so far, the one swinging is Democrat John Gregg.

Yesterday, Gregg got some more earned media for proposing the state wipe out its sales tax on gasoline which would provide a little relief at the pump.  According to media sources, Gregg would pay for the loss of revenue with efficiency and budget cuts inside state government.

On Tuesday, Gregg accused his Republican opponent Mike Pence of pushing a social agenda, according to the Evansville Courier-Press. It was the first salvo on that battlefield in this year's race for Governor.

In the Courier-Press, Gregg rightly points out that Pence's record in Congress is not that of a job creator.  He says that Pence's agenda in his six terms in Congress has been more about controversial social issues.

Pence's response was underwhelming, but, then again, he is the frontrunner right now.  Each swing of the Pence mustache, opens up the race a bit more against Pence.  If Pence gets caught flatfooted too many times, it's going to add up for him.

This early tough strategy by Gregg is this kind of earned media that can equalize a playing field, and Gregg is going to need that field to be leveled given Pence's outrageous in and out-of-state fundraising take.


Anonymous said...

I had high hopes for Gregg.

Unfortunately he appears to be more of a politician than legitimate administrative leader.

Proposing a gas tax elimination sounds good to the retail oil suppliers and maybe some naive smuck on the street, but not having $500 million of offsetting spending cuts makes his plan dead on arrival.

He needs a well thought out plan for education, job creation, etc.. if he wants anyone to take him seriously.

He could win if he gets his act together.

Anonymous said...

So because he has a gas tax plan he automatically has no other plans?

We haven't even had the primary yet.. there is still a while to go. Let it get into the swing of things before we criticize him for not having a better jobs or education plan.

He is the center-left legislator that we need and can win.