Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Controversies Abound

Polling site locations and who gets access to the voter registration records have touched off simultaneous controversies that are heating up the election season as May 8 grows closer.

Mayor Greg Ballard's Office finally got around to naming polling sites in the 2012 Primary Election, and early reviews are not that good.  For example, in Decatur Township, some voters that used to live within walking distance of their polling site will now find themselves driving a mile or two in a car to get there.  This is not an isolated incident.  Amos Brown highlighted a similar situation on his Twitter account earlier today.  All across the county, many will be confused on Election Day in May and perhaps even worse in November if they took May off.

In short, if you vote in Marion County, you may wish to confirm that your voting site has not changed.  Call 327-VOTE for more information.

The other controversy is which judicial candidates have access to the all important information in the voter registration file.  

Apparently, unslated judicial candidates on both sides of the aisle are not able to get voter registration records because the Board of Voter Registration (one Democrat and One Republican) will not release the information.  The Election Board today voted 2-1 to withhold the information from unslated judicial candidates because it's still apparently reviewing the situation and trying to develop a policy.  Critics like Republican non-slated judicial candidate Paul Ogden say this is circumventing Indiana Law.  He also claims that the party bosses Ed Treacy and Kyle Walker are just trying to protect their slates by appointing people that will do their bidding to the Board of Voter Registration and the Election Board.

According to Ogden, the only publicly-elected official to weigh in on this is Beth White, the Marion County Clerk, and she sides with the people wishing that the list be released to any candidate running because that is precedent and good public policy. 

To me, the solution seems simple.  If it is a public record, then it should be available to the public.  That includes candidates that have the audacity to challenge the slate.

With all of that said, I believe the Marion County Democratic slate of judges deserve your vote, and I will be voting for all of them.  That's Judge Linda Brown, Judge Tom Carroll, John Chavis, Judge Steve Eichholtz, Judge John Hanley, Judge Grant Hawkins, Judge Becky Pierson-Treacy, Judge Jose Salinas, Judge Mark Stoner, and Judge Heather Welch


marksmall2001 said...

I may sound naive, but could there be an organizaed effort to counter the aim on moving/hiding polling sites by people offering to drive voters---I will be voting in the Democratic primary and I don't give a damn if a voter wants a Republican or Democratic ballot, I would be willing to get behind the wheel for a while and take folks who want to vote---to their polls? If people could coordinate efforts and each drive a minimum of five, that would have some impact.

Paul K. Ogden said...

It's not just the judicial candidates. I know unslated judicial candidates who are also being denied information.

Anonymous said...

Explain to me how Grant "post-it note" Hawkins and Becky "Favorable Ruling" Pierson-Treacey are worthy of anyone's vote?