Friday, April 20, 2012

Comical Response from McIntosh

If David McIntosh loses on May 8, he may have a great career as a comedian.

Former U.S. Rep.
David McIntosh
Yesterday, the Indiana Secretary of State's Office announced that it will investigate David McIntosh's residency and voter records.  This is in response to complaints by a voter named Greg Wright, an apparent Tea Party activist a certified fraud investigator (see comments) that also challenged Richard Lugar's residency and voter registration.  None of McIntosh's opponents nor possible Democratic opponent Scott Reske have done more than comment on the issue.  They are not a party to the complaint against McIntosh.

What was funny in this whole mess was McIntosh's response to the announcement.  Through a campaign release, McIntosh was quoted by the Indianapolis Star as follows:  "Once again our opponents are resorting to unoriginal attacks to cover up their liberal views and to try to prevent a real conservative, David McIntosh, from representing voters in Indiana's 5th congressional district.  The last thing they want to talk about is their support of bailouts, taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, and terrible records on the 2nd Amendment.  They refuse to talk about the issues, because they know the voters won't like what they see."

I'm going to let that simmer for just a moment.

Now, let's all take a laugh break.

Still laughing???

I am.

Oh sides are hurting.

Wow...gotta catch my breath.

So, David McIntosh is accusing his opponents of pushing this claim.  He's accusing a Tea Partier fellow conservatives of being liberal, and he doesn't mention anything about creating jobs in his laundry list of wedge issues.  I guess that means his six Republicans opponents are all liberals.  I bet that's news to them.

Sometimes, just when you've think you've seen it all...something tells you that you haven't seen anything.  

Go home David.  Wherever that is.  


Greg Wright said...


For the record, I am not a member of any Tea Party organization.

As a Certified Fraud Examiner, I have research experience and skills.

Hoosiers should send Hoosiers(R's and D's) to Congress. We have plenty of qualified folks that really live in Indiana.

Jon Easter said...

Mr. Wright,
I apologize for the error. I will fix that.

I had read somewhere that you were a member of the Tea Party. My apologies again.