Monday, April 16, 2012

Ballard Intimidation Doesn't Work; Smoking Ban Passes, Again

Is that a smoking jacket,
Mr. Mayor?
For the second time this Council year, the Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Council has passed an expansion of the smoking ordinance to include more places by a wide margin and in bipartisan manner.

This time, the ordinance got 20 votes which, in theory, should make it veto proof.  We all know that theory and practice are two different thing.  The proposal will now go to Mayor Ballard's desk for his signature.  He could veto it again forcing the Council to try to override his veto.

It sounds like the Mayor may be leaning towards veto with his staff.  Apparently, members of his staff texted some Republican members of the Council that Ballard had concerns about the language surrounding private clubs, per the Indianapolis Star.  Sounds like intimidation to me.

If Ballard does, yet again, veto this ordinance, will the Republicans on the Council decide that they've had enough of his obstruction?  Last time around, they refused to go against the Mayor.  All it will take is one Councillor to change his or her vote and Indianapolis will remain in the dark ages.

Here's hoping that Ballard signs the ordinance and takes Indy forward in a step for public health and wellness.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

Not sure why a Republican, espousing traditional Republican values of limited government, would have a problem with a veto.