Saturday, April 7, 2012

Abdul Characterizes State Lapse in Accounting as Positive

Future Daniels Press Secretary?
Abdul-Hakim Shabazz
My good friend and the proprietor of the Indy Politics website, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz penned a blog post that actually tried to spin the state's recent accounting errors that shorted local governments as positive.

To be fair, his point is that local governments are surviving despite being shorted that cash.  The question I have for Abdul is: How well are they surviving?

Across Indiana, local governments have been tightening their belts, relying on federal grants and loans to survive, and laying off public workers.  Here in Indianapolis, the Star's Matt Tully reports that the city/county government was shorted around $34 million.  That doesn't make you feel very good after we have recently heard that the Department of Public Safety is operating deeply in the red and everything from police cars to toilet paper are needs.

According to Abdul's numbers, local government was shorted $210 million in local option income tax money.  Think about that.  $210 million off the books at a time when this city and other localities across the state were making critical decisions about keeping or killing local government services.  Add in the millions the state lost from tax collections and "found" in December, then you've got yourself a full blown major issue.

Positive?  PUHLEEZE.  Abdul, welcome to the spin zone.  Matt Tully was right.  Governor Mitch Daniels is ultimately the one to blame on this one, and no amount of subject changing or spinning from the right can change it.


artfuggins said...

Abdul is the officially appointed apologist for the GOP. It is his job to take a pile of crap and make it look positive. Unfortuantely his credibility is at a point where it is ineffective.

Sandra Brown said...

Maybe you do not understand Mr. Abdul-Hakim Shabazz. Since losing his radio program, he needs the money that Lugar and the other GOP party bosses throw his way. (Gary Snyder is on that same payroll.)

Was Abdul early in telling his readers about the Lugar residency issue? nope. Party bosses thought it would go away.

Abdul simply is a mouthpiece of the Republican establishment.

Paul K. Ogden said...


It baffles me that you think Abdul is your "friend." He'd sell you down the river in a heartbeat. You're a smarter guy than to ever trust Abdul or to think he's somehow your friend.

Anonymous said...

Monica..err I mean Sandra, Im betting he is doing quite well with

He made be a spinner for the GOP..but..

at least he's not the voice of hate like the rest of the Mourdock Gestapo.

Abdul said...


With all due respect to your opinion, which is none, I actually like Jon and think his voice is a welcome addition to the Indy blogosphere. I don't agree with him on much, but we can sit down, have beer and a laugh, and go about our business and not take anything personally.

And Sandra, if I were on the Lugar and GOP payroll, I must have missed that check. Indy Politics does very well. That and my other ventures have kept a nice lifestyle for the Lovely Mrs. Shabazz and me.

And if it were such a horrible venture, no one would read it. But apparently, quite a few you do, at least that's what the Google Analytics tell me.

artfuggins said...

After all of these years, Advance Indiana is still here. What does that tell you about blog ventures and equating longevity with the quality of the blog.