Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Decatur Township's Newest Resident
(for voting purposes only)
Senator Richard G. Lugar
Before I head out for my blogger vacation (I'm not going anywhere, really), I want to take a moment and welcome Senator Richard Lugar to his new home, Precinct 10 in Decatur Township.

I also vote in Precinct 10.  Let's send in the welcoming committee and make him feel at home!

I'm sure the Senator can expect a membership request from the Decatur Township Republican Club, the Decatur Township Civic Council, and the Decatur Central Lions Club.  Also, the Senator might want to know that on the Richard G. Lugar Educational Complex each year (right across the street from the Lugar family farm) a fair is held by the Lions Club.  Feel free to come across, Senator.  Bring Char, too.

I will say this.  Senator Lugar's farm was initially in the path of I-69.  Suddenly, after he advocated for the route to change, it did.  It's one of the best things that's happened to Decatur Township in a long time.

Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood Senator Lugar.  Don't forget to update that voter registration form.

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guy77money said...

Just want to say a classic good humor blog entry! Time for Lugar to retire!