Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thinking of Southern Indiana

Photo by Michael Conroy, Associated Press
Governor Mitch Daniels and U.S. Rep. Todd Young tour
tornado damage at Henryville Jr.-Sr. High School
I am a weather watcher, and I sometimes irritate my friends with postings on this blog and on my other social media sites about severe weather when things get bad.  Yesterday, we saw in a horrible way what can happen when Mother Nature's fury is unleashed.

The National Storm Prediction Center in Oklahoma issued a rare March "Potentially Dangerous Situation" Tornado Watch yesterday morning, and I knew things would be bad.  I just didn't know how bad and where they would be.  Several major tornadoes, as you know by now, raked Indiana's southern-most counties and caused widespread death and destruction.

As I write this, 14 Hoosiers are dead and many more injured.  Small towns like Marysville and Henryville have been temporarily wiped from the map.

My best wishes are with the people of Southern Indiana as they dig out and clean up what was left behind when these mammoth tornadoes ripped their way across the countryside.

For those that have lost so much, you are all in my heart.

To help, donate to the Red Cross by clicking here.

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