Friday, March 23, 2012

Massa Selected as Supreme Court Justice

Supreme Court Justice
Mark Massa
I was told by several people when he ran that they didn't know why Mark Massa was running for Marion County Prosecutor. My sources told me he had no interest in the job and that he had to be talked into running by Mitch Daniels, himself.

Massa ran, went negative, and lost to current Marion County Prosecutor, Terry Curry.

After Massa lost, some of the same sources told me that they thought Governor Daniels would eventually take care of Massa.  Looks like that happened today.

Despite a resume short on actual judicial experience (he clerked for Randall Shepard), Mark Massa is Indiana's newest Supreme Court Justice.  He was appointed by...Mitch Daniels.

Looks like sometimes it pays to have friends in high places.


Anonymous said...

And the statehouse says Marion county judges are politically appointed?!

Look in the mirror. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

guess you're forgetting Frank Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Mitch just wants to protect himself if the Marion County prosecutor actually calls out major misdeeds that have been swept under the rug during the past eight years.

Anonymous said...

So, ironically, Daniels calls the Marion County slating progress "a travesty"?

Mark Massa, who has never sat as a judge, never practiced in private, never heard a civil case, and is a total political hack, is his choice to lead the judiciary? Anyone even remotely associated with the practice of law should be outraged and embarrassed and disgusted by this appointment.

So, to follow his logic, Daniels would appoint nothing but political hacks to the Marion County Judiciary? Yeah. Way to go Mitch.

I think the odds are pretty good he's going to make Massa the CJ too.

And as to the comment about Frank Sullivan...Ted "merit selection" Boehm isn't any better, and none of it makes it right.