Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Look At Marion County's Indiana House Races

All 100 Indiana House of Representatives seats will be up for election in November, and redistricting has changed things for those wanting to either keep a seat or be seated in the General Assembly in early 2013.  House Districts 86 through 100 are all either contained completely within or are made up of a part of Marion County.

Let's begin with House District 86, currently held by Representative Ed Delaney, a Democrat.  Delaney has no primary opponent.  His Republican challenger also has no opponent, so Luke Bosso and Delaney will go head-to-head in November.  That's what's due to happen, but it could change as Libertarians may decide to run candidates in this district or any of the ones discussed in this post.

In House District 87, incumbent Cindy Noe faces no opposition for the GOP nomination.  Christina Hale has filed for the Democratic nod, and she is also unopposed.

House District 88 clips the Northwest side of Indianapolis, and Indiana Speaker of the House Brian Bosma currently is the only candidate for election there.  Bosma is sure to have an opponent when Democrats can fill ballot vacancies by late June.

Incumbent Cindy Kirchhofer, a Republican, faces no oppostion, so far, in House District 89.  Again, Democrats can fill the empty ballot slot after the Primary is over.  Fellow Republican Mike Speedy is in the same situation in District 90 down on Indy's Southeastside.

One of the more interesting races may be in House District 91 which through redistricting now extends from Western Perry Township across Decatur Township and into Hendricks County.  There is a battle for a major party nomination, but it's in the party of the incumbent, Republican Bob Behning.  Behning finds himself up against Lunch Pail Republican Michael Scott.  Behning voted for Right to Work.  Democrat Mike Blinn, an attorney, will be unopposed for the nomination on the other side of the aisle.

Phil Hinkle is retiring in District 92.  There's a mad scramble on both sides of the aisle as six candidates are seeking the nomination of the Republicans and Democrats.  The trio of Republicans include Tim Motsinger, Brad Rider, and Richard Scott, Sr.  On the Democratic side, it's Brian Cooper, Tyjuan Garrett, and Karlee Macer battling it out.

David Frizzell is the incumbent in District 93 which covers parts of Perry Township into Johnson County.  He will run again for the GOP nomination.  On the Democratic side, it's Ryan Guillory that will battle Frizzell for the seat in November.

Incumbent Democrats Cherrish Pryor and John Bartlett find themselves unopposed in Districts 94 and 95, respectively, and Democrat Robin Shackleford, who ran a great race for Senate in 2010 against Mike Delph, will try to hold retiring House icon Bill Crawford's House seat.  Currently, she also has no opposition.

Democrat Greg Porter has no primary opposition, but Republican Karl Scharnberg has filed to face Porter in November.

House District 97's incumbent, Mary Ann Sullivan, is attempting to move over to the Indiana Senate and is not seeking reelection to her House seat, so two young stars of the future are going to wage political war here.  Justin Moed is filed for the Democrats, and A.J. Feeney-Ruiz, last seen in November running against Vop Osili for City-County Council, will be the Republican candidate.

That leaves us with House District 99.  Because of redistricting, Representative Jeb Bardon is without a district now.  His old 25th District was swallowed up.  To stay in the House, Jeb would have to battle a friend and colleague, Vanessa Summers.  In a classy move, Bardon is stepping aside and is leaving the House, for now.  Summers will be the Democratic nominee as the incumbent.  Republican David T. Blank is also filed in the 99th.

Democrat John Day has been an institution in House District 100 for years, but he's retiring.  Republican Scott Keller, a former City-County Councillor, has filed to run for the GOP, and two Democrats, Dan Forestal, who is slated, and Zach Mullholland are battling for the D's.

In a few key places across Marion County, there's a lot to be decided in May before we can even look ahead to November.

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