Thursday, March 22, 2012

Latest Lugar Problem May Doom Him

Senator Lugar
When I wrote the blog post that went up earlier today, I wasn't privy to the news that would break later.

Richard Lugar said today that he would pay back taxpayers for hotel bills he racked up.  Why would he need to stay in a hotel when in his home state?  Well, that's because he doesn't have a home in Indiana.  Senator Lugar is a man that is officially out of touch, and I don't just mean a little out of touch.  He's way out of touch.

I have always respected Richard Lugar immensely.  I don't agree with him very often, but I've met him.  I've found him to be one of the best politicians with his constituents of any that I've been around.  At an event, I saw him walk out of the room as the last person to leave because he waited to sign autographs, take pictures, shake hands, and talk to voters.  In that way, Richard Lugar gets it.  He gets Hoosiers, and he's represented us mostly with class over the years.  He was the Republicans many Democrats felt ok voting for.

That's in the past now.  It's surprising to see some of the things that are coming out about the man.  Most detrimental to his cause of remaining in the Senate is this residency issue.  We found out now that because he doesn't have a home in Indiana, he's been sticking us with the bill.  Instead of taking full responsibility, he's pushed the problems off on his staff.  This is Lugar's problem.  Not guarding taxpayer dollars wisely is on him.

By choosing to live in Virginia and not maintain a presence in Indiana, he's given rise to the completely unbelievable assertion that he's not a Hoosier.  He's a man that's been serving Hoosiers all his adult life, but he can't at least rent an apartment in Indiana to maintain a residence here?  That's why he's out of touch, and he shows he's even more out of touch because he clearly, by his actions, doesn't think it matters.

It's only a matter of time now before this great public servant comes home to Indiana...or Virginia...for good.  I think Richard Mourdock's chances of beating him in the primary are close to evening up, and the wounds on his campaign to stay in office have been all inflicted by Mr. Lugar, himself.

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